Support for Online Teaching

As CUNY transitioned to online teaching in response to the unprecedented threat of COVID-19, the need for professional development for faculty making this transistion has became apparent. As we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the need for online learning, this need remains as well. This set of curated set of openly licensed professional development resources is meant for both for faculty who are looking for more bite-sized content that they can use to brush up on their online teaching skills and for faculty and staff tasked with leading professional development who are looking for content to add to their offerings. The resources here are sourced both from around CUNY and the wider world of higher education.

Online Teaching Support Resources

Want to get some help for how to think about your online pedagogy and some more practical help for things like building discussions? Check out these resources from CUNY and beyond.

Western Governors University and CUNY Collaborative Online Faculty Development Materials

Check out the reading from the modules of the CUNY-WGU Collaborative Online Faculty Development webinar to learn about best practices for online teaching.


If you're interested in converting your course to OER or Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) material, these collections below are full of textbooks, assignments, lectures, syllabi, and more developed at CUNY for CUNY courses as a part of the CUNY OER Initiative.