The Effects of Public Opinion

How do polls affect presidential elections?

  1. Polls help voters research information about each of the candidates.
  2. Polls tell voters the issues that candidates support.
  3. Polls identify the top candidates and the media interview those candidates.
  4. Polls explain which candidates should win the election.

Presidential approval ratings ________ over a president’s term of office.

  1. increase
  2. decline
  3. stay relatively stable
  4. seesaw



Which body of government is least susceptible to public opinion polls?

  1. the president
  2. U.S. Senate
  3. U.S. House of Representatives
  4. U.S. Supreme Court

Why would House of Representative members be more likely than the president to follow public opinion?


Representatives run for election every two years and must constantly raise campaign money. They abide by public opinion because do not have time to explain their actions or mend fences before each election.

How do the media use public opinion polls during election season?