The premise of this series of classes is that the work of poet and essayist Audre Lorde has myriad lessons to teach us not only about current social issues and problems, but also about our individual and collective processes of dealing with them.  The key question becomes: how can we use our feelings to negotiate our way through these issues? How can we use our selves—our experiences, our intuitions and the insights born of our differences--as resources? Lorde was adamant that all of our most difficult emotions and experiences could be *used* for our collective progress toward creating an equal, just and healthy society.  
Arts and Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, Education, Higher Education, English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric, Language, Grammar and Vocabulary, Reading Literature, U.S. History, Political Science, Sociology, Women's Studies
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division, Graduate / Professional, Career / Technical, Adult Education
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