This Prof-Proof-Planner is designed by Professors Marta Cabral (College of Staten Island) and Niyati Mehta (Queensborough Community College) to help students navigate syllabi, regardless of how dis/organized, un/clear, or fluid/ strict/ they may be. The goal is for students to take the time to digest the essential information as they take note of it on this planner, jot down due dates, characteristics of each assignment (in terms of effort/ time required, group/individual, etc.), how to contact instructors, characteristics of each course, etc. Throughout the planner there are short reminders that each student is encouraged strive to make meaningful connections between each assignment/ course and their personal and professional interests, and there are places to write down these reflections and notes. We welcome feedback, as we would love to keep adapting this tool to our students’ needs!
Arts and Humanities, Art History, Graphic Arts, Languages, Literature, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, World Cultures, Business and Communication, Journalism, Career and Technical Education, Education, Higher Education, English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric, Language, Grammar and Vocabulary, History
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division, Career / Technical, Adult Education
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Student Guide, Syllabus
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