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Transformative Learning in the Humanities (TLH) is a three-year initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This OpenEd CUNY group has been created as a repository for sample lessons, assignments, syllabi, and other OER materials that TLH faculty and students want to share with others. TLH supports public talks, symposia, and workshops as well as a series of intensive peer-to-peer faculty seminars for CUNY faculty at all ranks (including adjuncts) in the humanities, arts, and interpretive social sciences. The program focuses on equitable, creative, student-centered pedagogical research and methods designed for the rich diversity of CUNY students; greater recognition for the importance of teaching; and the role of an urgent and indispensable humanities for the future of CUNY students and a more just and equitable society.
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Concepts in Information Technology you need to Know that lead to success!

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Abel Angel Rodriguez is a Director Account Technology Strategy at Microsoft Corporation aligned to the Financial Services Industry vertical for the last 12 years.  Prior to Microsoft, Angel was a Technology Consultant for 18 years in financial services, pharma, manufacturing, and other industries with focus on Microsoft Technologies and Software Development. In parallel, 20 years of teaching experience as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at New York College of Technology in New York City and Electrical Engineering at teaching institutions in New York Tri-state area. This experience provides a well-rounded background in Enterprise Computing, Software Development, Enterprise Architecture Design, and Project Management etc. A graduate of Polytechnic University in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and AAA from New York Community College. His personal hobbies include song writing, music recording and playing the guitar. Angel spent most of his life living in Brooklyn NY, but now resides in NJ.

Material Type: Tutorial

Author: Abel Angel Rodriguez

Resources for Teaching Online

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Many educators this 2020-2021 academic year, particularly those new to online teaching, are talking about how teaching during this global health crisis feels like teaching for the first time. Even those with many years of experience feel this way. Fortunately, colleagues around the world are sharing their online teaching resources. However, it can be hard to navigate this avalanche of advice and information mid-semester. To help you, we’ve broken up some tips and resources into categories on this webpage.

Material Type: Bibliography

Authors: Christina Katopodis, Khanh Le

Cultivating Empathy in a Global Context-Lesson Plan by Meg Tarafdar

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This lesson is designed by Meg Tarafdar (Queensborough Community College-City University of New York) in order to foster a greater understanding of the concept of 'Empathy' in the context of Global Diversity Learning (GDL) which is a high impact educational practice recognized by AAC&U (Association of American Colleges and Universities). The goal of this lesson is to support students in developing an awareness of a topic from multiple perspectives. Students will have the opportunity to engage in learning activities for stimulating the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for applying the concept of empathy within our local and global communities.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Lesson Plan, Module, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Meg Tarafdar