Social Science, Political Science
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Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Congressional Executive Agreement, Negotiated Rulemaking, Merit System, Cold War, Entitlement, Tax Policy, Bureaucrats, Top-down Implementation, Hard Power, United Nations (UN), Monopolistic Model, Policy Advocates, Deficit, Neo-isolationism, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Policy Analysts, Sole Executive Agreement, Soft Power, Liberal Internationalism, Bottom-up Implementation, Discretionary Spending, Privatization, Balance of Power, Whistleblower, Selective Engagement, Spoils System, Regulatory Policy, Two Presidencies Thesis, Isolationism, Free Trade, Public-administration, Medicaid, Congressional Budget Office, Mandatory Spending, Pay Schedule, Political Patronage, Debt, Foreign Policymaking, Public-policy, Balance of Trade, Libertarianism, Free-market Economics, Progressive Tax, Civil Service Commission, Recession, Civil Service, Medicare, Government Corporation, Containment, Foreign Policy, Treaty, Bureaucracy, Red Tape, Supply-side Economics, Merit-based Civil Service, Social Security, Neo-conservatism, Regressive Tax, <emphasis Effect="italics">laissez-faire</emphasis>, Diplomacy, Budget Policy, Excise Tax Keynesian Economics, Civil Servants, Weberian Model, Domestic Policy, Acquisitive Model, Redistributive Policy, Distributive Policy, Safety Net, Protectionism