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Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Phylogenetic Tree, Allopatric Speciation, Fanconi Anemia (FA), Eukaryote Evolution, Lateral Gene Transfer, Population Genetics, Classification Levels, Ring Model, Prokaryote-first Hypothesis, Microevolution, Relative Fitness, Kingdom, Common Side-blotched Lizards, Allopolyploidy, Biological Species Concept, Prezygotic Barrier, Aneuploidy, Honest Signal, Punctuated Equilibrium, Nucleus-first Hypothesis, Gradual Speciation Model, Polymorphism, Evolution, Population Variation, Evolutionary Thought, Sister Taxa, Systematics, Outbreeding, Alfred Russel Wallace, Fitness, Temporal Isolation, Behavioral Isolation, Rates of Speciation, Genetic Structure, Postzygotic Barrier, Autopolyploidy, Homologous Trait, Good Genes Hypothesis, Taxonomy, Altitudinal Cline, Unfavorable Allele, Natural Selection, Vaccine, Beneficial Allele, Carl Linnaeus, Species, Fisher’s Runaway Model, Eukaryote HGT, Web of Life, Macroevolution, Gene Flow, Inbreeding, Nonrandom Mating, Diversifying Selection, Evolution Theory, Directional Selection, Physical Location, Reconnection, Branch Point, Peppered Moth, Gradual Species Model, Prokaryote HGT, Homologous Structure, Gene Transfer Agent, Fecundity, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Cladistics, Linnaean System, Selective Pressure, Sexual Selection, Evolutionary Fitness (also, Darwinian Fitness), Hybrid Viability, James Lake, Mitochondria-first Hypothesis, Taxon, Genetic Variance, Frequency-dependent Selection, Evolutionary Relationships, Positive Frequency-dependent Selection, Reproduction, Hybrid Sterility, Ring of Life, Domain, Heritability, R.A. Fisher, Molecular Systematics, Shared Characteristic, Secondary Sexual Characteristic, Sexual Dimorphism, Reproductive Barrier, Hybrid, Handicap Principle, Maximum Parsimony, Mutation, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Molecular Comparison, Phyla, Web Model, Geographical Variation, Flu Shot, Convergent Evolution, Modern Synthesis, Phylogeny, Assortative Mating, Sex-role Reversed, Analogous Trait, Clade, Founder Effect, GTA, Huntington's Disease, Shared Derived Character, Polytomy, Flu Strain, Environmental Variance, Eukaryote-first Hypothesis, Negative Frequency-dependent Selection, ABO Blood Type, Rooted, Family, Taxa, Temperature-dependent Sex Determination (TSD), Evolving New Species, Phylum, Adaptation, Classification System, Speciation, Stabilizing Selection, Chromosomal Sympatric Speciation, Shared Ancestral Character, Homoplasy, Divergent Evolution, Inbreeding Depression, Basal Taxon, Bottleneck Effect, Patterns of Evolution, Cline, Allele Frequency, Analogy, Charles Darwin, Network Model, Genetic Drift, Acquired Trait, Sexual Dimorphisms, Adaptive Evolution, Adaptive Radiation, Variation, Sympatric Speciation, Genome Fusion, Habitat Isolation, Fisherian Runaway Model, CLASS, Gregor Mendel, Allele, Reproductive Isolation, Gene Pool, Rate of Speciation, HGT, Origin of Species, Dispersal, Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, Evolution Evidence, Cladistic Method, Genus, Gametic Barrier, Order, Alfred Wallace, Phylogenetic Model, Hybrid Zone, Latitudinal Cline, W. Ford Doolittle, Field Biologist, Vestigial Structure, Cladistics System, Tree of Life, Afrikaner, Binomial Nomenclature, Vicariance