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Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
(FDI), Portfolio Investment, Foreign Exchange Market, Dealers, (PPP), Dollarize, Opportunity Cost, Balance of Trade, Soft Peg, Reserves, Depreciating, Bankrupt, Exchange Rates, Monetary Policy, Policy, GDP, International Financial, Interbank Market, Contractionary Monetary, Central Bank, James Tobin, Foreign Direct Investment, International Capital Flows, Purchasing Power Parity, Quantity Supplied, Exports, Foreign Investment Capital, International Trade, Appreciating, Arbitrage, Hard Peg, Hedge, Direct Investment, Merged Currency, Equilibrium Exchange Rate, Milton Friedman, Tobin Taxes, Flows, Demand Curve, Aggregate Demand, Firms, Supply Curve, Quantity Demanded, Demand and Supply, Expansionary Monetary, Floating Exchange Rate