Basics of DNA Replication

Review Questions

Meselson and Stahl's experiments proved that DNA replicates by which mode?

  1. conservative
  2. semi-conservative
  3. dispersive
  4. none of the above



If the sequence of the 5'-3' strand is AATGCTAC, then the complementary sequence has the following sequence:

  1. 3'-AATGCTAC-5'
  2. 3'-CATCGTAA-5'
  3. 3'-TTACGATG-5'
  4. 3'-GTAGCATT-5'



How did Meselson and Stahl support Watson and Crick’s double-helix model?

  1. They demonstrated that each strand serves as a template for synthesizing a new strand of DNA.
  2. They showed that the DNA strands break and recombine without losing genetic material.
  3. They proved that DNA maintains a double-helix structure while undergoing semi-conservative replication.
  4. They demonstrated that conservative replication maintains the complementary base pairing of each DNA helix.