Mary Joy Dia
Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Big Data

Big Data


This is a voicethread explaining big data and its attributes. The presentation describes the various sources of data. A discussion thread allows students to correlate the impact of data to healthcare. It also provides considerations related with the use, storage and security when sharing big data.

The Sources of Big Data

This is my first attempt to create a voicethread video. I wanted to create a presentation that can make the concept of big data easier to understand. I was able to get useful content from various sources. Please create a copy if you intend to use some of the materials from this voicethread video.

This session will define big data and its attributes. We will explore the sources of big data from digital libraries, to our own interaction with the Internet through social media. We will compare the importance of data especially in healthcare and analyze the responsibility that we have in the use, storage, and sharing of data with one another.