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Concepts in Information Technology you need to Know that lead to success!

Concepts in Information Technology you need to Know that lead to success!


Abel Angel Rodriguez is a Director Account Technology Strategy at Microsoft Corporation aligned to the Financial Services Industry vertical for the last 12 years.  

Prior to Microsoft, Angel was a Technology Consultant for 18 years in financial services, pharma, manufacturing, and other industries with focus on Microsoft Technologies and Software Development. In parallel, 20 years of teaching experience as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at New York College of Technology in New York City and Electrical Engineering at teaching institutions in New York Tri-state area. This experience provides a well-rounded background in Enterprise Computing, Software Development, Enterprise Architecture Design, and Project Management etc. 

A graduate of Polytechnic University in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and AAA from New York Community College. 

His personal hobbies include song writing, music recording and playing the guitar. Angel spent most of his life living in Brooklyn NY, but now resides in NJ.

Concepts in Information Technology you need to Know that lead to success!

Many students make the mistake of pursuing a college degree, instead of pursuing knowledge to support the degree. In other words, instead of going to school for a degree, go to school to learn!

Some students believe a college degree is the ticket to getting a job, so they set out on a journey to pass their classes by any means possible and get to the finish line or obtain a degree. I many cases, taking a course, passing the courses, and discarding the content from their mind immediately after the course ends. Not really learning but flushing it out of their mind to prepare for the next sprint race to a degree.

Unfortunately, many students realize too late that is not easy to get a job or an internship in Information Technology because they don’t really know anything. Their focus was on getting the degree NOT learning! Such scenario results in discouragement, disappointment and in some case depression.  In my opinion, a degree says you qualify to have the interview conversation, but to get the job you need knowledge!

I created a lecture named “Concepts in Information Technology you need to know that lead to success” that I cover at the beginning of any course I teach. This lecture provides a student with a summary of key concepts that they need to know before they engage in the interview process either for an internship or a job. The idea is to remember concepts that will put your mind in a position to be able figure out (think) the answer to an interview question and not just try to memorize answers to questions. Memorizing answers leads to poor performance since you really don’t know what answer can be asked in an interview.

This document starts with my three skills needed for success in Information Technology. Then focuses on the two factors that answer the question why companies need information technology, Datacenters, Cloud Technology etc.

My goal with this lecture is to teach students how to fish so they can teach themselves to fish better and feed themselves for life.