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Open College Writing I (Full Course)
Conditional Remix & Share Permitted
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Adopt or adapt this zero textbook cost College Writing I course developed as a CUNY Pathways Course at the CUNY School of Professional Studies by Professor Tara Pauliny. We provide a WordPress package for use on the CUNY Academic Commons or on any WordPress site, and a Blackboard Learn package which can be downloaded and imported into a Blackboard course shell.Not teaching College Writing? Feel free to use our course packages for their structure, replacing the content with your own. Both platform packages include instructions for how to customize the course. In the WordPress site, the instructions are available as a hidden page, linked for admins only from the home page but also viewable by heading to the Dashboard and finding the page in the page directory. In Blackboard, the instructor instructions are provided throughout the site, hidden from students, and marked clearly in red font with INSTRUCTORS at the top. This open college writing course was created by Tara Pauliny for the General Education program at CUNY School of Professional Studies in collaboration with Angela Francis. The WordPress site was built by Kelly Hammond (SPS OER and Instructional Design Assistant).

Composition and Rhetoric
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Full Course
Kelly Hammond
Tara Pauliny
Angela Francis
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